Download AxoGraph and optional components




AxoGraph 1.6.9


Scientific data acquisition, analysis, organization and figure preparation in one powerful application.


Download AxoGraph Installer for Mac OS X 10.4 and up*

Download AxoGraph Installer for Windows XP and up



For data analysis, there's nothing more to install, but for data acquisition you also need to download a digitizer driver.

After installing AxoGraph it runs in fully-functional trial mode for several months.

If you decide to purchase a license, you will be e-mailed activation instructions. For research groups with several licenses, it's recommended that you also download the free 'AxoGraph License Manager' application. 

If you need an earlier versions of AxoGraph for technical reasons, you can find them here.

* Mac OS X : There's an issue with the installer under Mac OS X 10.9 and up. Apple's Gatekeeper reports "unidentified developer" and wont proceed. The work around is to control-click the installer, and select 'Open' from the popup menu.