A Tour of AxoGraph's Main Features




Cross-Platform, Multi-Vendor and Inexpensive

AxoGraph is a scientific data acquisition and analysis application that runs on both Mac OS and Windows. It supports digitizers and amplifiers from many companies. For the budget-conscious, it provides one of the cheapest solutions for neuroscience research.

Easy to Use

AxoGraph was designed by an active research scientist and refined over years of laboratory use. It places frequently used features at your fingertips. It excels at browsing, organizing and analyzing episodic data.


A wide variety of event-detection, measurement, curve-fitting, and statistical analysis features are available. Analysis can be customized (including real-time analysis during data acquisition). Repetitive tasks can be automated. 


A sophisticated data acquisition system records electrical signals, while delivering complex output waveforms. It supports hardware from a range of manufacturers. It features...

  • protocol-driven acquisition
  • real-time analysis as data is acquired
  • patch clamp test pulse with seal resistance calculation
  • continuous or episodic acquisition

Past and Future

Development of AxoGraph began in 1990, and it is being used today in research labs around the world (Harvard, Yale, NIH, Salk, Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Max-Planck, ENS, ANU, NIPS, etc.).

A complete rewrite is underway which will rejuvenate and future-proof AxoGraph. Many new and improved features are planned for 2017 and beyond.