Purchase an AxoGraph License


License Types


There are Two Types of AxoGraph License :

  • Lab (data acquisition and analysis)
  • Office (analysis only)

A 'Lab' license includes all the features of an 'Office' license.

Each license permits use of AxoGraph on a single computer.

A license can be moved between computers using the 'AxoGraph License Manager' application.



Feature Overview

 (A more detailed feature list is available here)


Data Acquisition

  • Chart recorder
  • Digital oscilloscope
  • Protocol-driven episodic acquisition with complex output waveforms
  • Electrophysiology tools
    • Test pulse measures electrode resistance, cell capacitance and membrane resistance
    • P/N leak subtraction for voltage-clamp step protocols
  • Digitizers currently supported:
    • HEKA LIH 8+8 - this is the recommended digitizer to use with AxoGraph
    • Instrutech (ITC-1600, ITC-16, ITC-18, USB-16 and USB-18)
    • Molecular Devices Digidata 1440A (Windows XP only)
    • Molecular Devices Digidata 1320A, 1321A and 1322A (Windows XP and OS X)
    • National Instruments Multifunction I/O Devices (Windows XP full support: OS X partial support)
  • A Lab license incorporates all the features of an Office license



  • Data analysis
    • Point and click measurement
    • Automatic peak measurement
    • Curve fitting
    • Statistics
    • Much more...
  • Graphics
    • Easily browse and reorganize data
    • Many scientific graph styles
    • Export to presentation and page layout programs
  • Event detection package
    • useful for analyzing spontaneous events, including minis (mPSPs, mPSCs) and action potential field recordings
    • shape recognition options - sort events into different shape categories
    • reliable detection under low signal-to-noise conditions
  • Electrophysiology analysis and modeling
    • Automated I-V curves
    • Variance-mean analysis
    • Model synaptic amplitude fluctuations
  • Receptor/channel modeling (aka chemical-kinetic or Markov model)
    • Voltage- and ligand-gated channels
    • Stochastic mode for single-channel simulations