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Inexpensive Programming Service

AxoGraph has a built-in programming environment. It can be used to customize, extend or automate AxoGraph's analysis features.

Plug-in programs are written in the C language, and call a library of AxoGraph-specific functions. Many of the advanced analysis features that ship with AxoGraph are implemented, not in coreC C++ code, but as simple C-Language plug-in programs, found in the Plug-In Programs folder. 

However, we recognize that writing a plug-in program requires programming skills, and time investment learning AxoGraph's function library. For this reason, we offer the services of a software consultant. Drawing on years of experience, we can fulfill most customization requests with only a few hours work. There will be a significant time saving for the busy research scientist, making this will a cost-effective solution when custom or automated analysis is required.

A rate of $80 per hour is charged for this service, and quotes can be supplied on request.
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Here are some of the features that can be coded in a plug-in program...

  • add a new type of analysis
  • analyze data as it is acquired, and plot the results in real-time
  • add import or export of any file format
  • automate a routine sequence of analysis operations
  • automatically analyze every file in a selected folder

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Case Studies


Analyze Auditory Brain Response (ABR) Data

Customer requested...

  • an AxoGraph import module for reading data files recorded using 3rd party ABR software
  • graph peak voltage responses recorded from scalp electrodes as tone volume was increased
  • automate calculation of ABR threshold

Four hours work ($320) was required to implement these features.

The traditional approach to ABR threshold detection was visual inspection of raw data traces. This incorporated elements of subjective judgement, and made it difficult to reproduce results, or compare results between animals or labs. By automating the procedure using AxoGraph, a more objective and reproducible estimate of ABR threshold was obtained. Additional details and download of the ABR plug-in program are available here.


Graph a Cell's Input Resistance in Real-Time

Customer requested...

  • monitor neuronal input resistance (Rm) during an experiment
  • apply a current pulse every episode and graph Rm versus time

An online analysis plug-in was adapted from an existing plug-in, which graphed electrode series resistance. An example protocol utilizing the new plug-in was also supplied. Only one hour ($80) was required to complete the project.